12 July 2006

Not only has Hollywood run out of ideas...

...but now they are coming after something I hold dear. From the looks of the commercial, the new Wayans Bros. movie "Little Man" seems to remind me a little too much of a Bugs Bunny cartoon from 1954, "Baby Buggy Bunny". In the cartoon, a diminutive robber robs a bank, and the baby buggy with the loot mistakenly goes into Bugs' hole. The crook dons baby clothes to get back to the loot. Bugs' discovers the crook shaving, roughs him up in his special Bugs Bunny way, and hilarity ensues. In "Little Man" a diminutive jewel thief who goes on the lam and poses as a baby when the heist goes awry. In the trailer, they steal the shaving bit, and the slapstick humor of hitting people with frying pans that works so well in cartoons does not seem to really work in real life.

I really hate the lack of new ideas in Hollywood, which is pretty much the reason I have not seen a movie in the theatres in a long time. It's very rare that anyone with a good idea gets something made on a major level, instead the studios make blockbusters, and then pick up indie films after there is a buzz about them. I understand that the studios are running a business and have to make money, but they could give some of these smaller films money that could be used towards production and casting, they still could get off much cheaper than the average blockbuster or the rehashed idea with big names.

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Dave K. said...

that was the first thing I thought of (as I'm sure Brett did too) when I saw the movie trailer, "Damn, why did they have to screw with Bugs bunny!"