12 January 2007

Naked Raygun

After playing a few shows in late 2006, Naked Raygun has announced that they are back as a full time band.

Well, we think it’s about time to stop all the rumors that have been flying around since our show at Riot Fest 2006. So, we can now officially say it: Naked Raygun is back for good! More shows, releases and of course some unexpected surprises! We’re all really excited about this and cannot wait to connect with new fans and reconnect with the fans who have never let us down.

I went to the Riot Fest show, and although it was in a huge room, not usually condisive to punk or hardcore, they were awesome. I really wish I had gone to the "unannounced" show on the night before Riot Fest. Hopefully I wont have to go to Chicago to see them again.

As an added bonus, here's a live set from Cleveland in 1990. Coincidentally, this was the day after my 18th birthday, and I didn't go to the show. I think False Hope played too. What was I thinking? The sound quality is great, the set was broadcast over the local college airwaves. (link removed)

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