17 January 2009

More Black Flag

Flag playing American Waste in 1982. Look at these guys. Do they look like punks? Hardcore originators? or homeless Vietnam Vets? Say what you will about later era Flag, but nothing comes close to it. 1982. What a year for the Flag. The 1982 demos are arguably the best thing they recorded, straddling the line of previous and future sounds for the band. While nothing could have prepared the world for the My War lp, some of the songs were on the demo. Dez leaves the band soon after this to form DC3, Chuck quits to manage soon after, Kira comes in, drummers change. After the 5 piece lineup, it pretty much becomes the Greg Ginn show with Henry (although Kira could clearly hold her own, as seen in the previous post.)

and if you have never seen it, the history of Black flag through their haircuts.

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